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 Bayfield Sailboats

Classic Boats for Cruisers

Bayfield 29 - Winsome
on Lake Pipin in Missisippi

These are pictures I have found on the WEB or sent by owners for all to enjoy. 
New pictures will be added as available.  If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know.

  Here are some links to help with maintining your Bayfield.

  Please let me know who you are and what you think of my Bayfield site.

Bayfield 25
More Bayfield 25s
A story about changing Bayfields from 25' to 36'

Bayfield 29

More Bayfield 29s
  Bayfield 32

More Bayfield 32s

Wind-Bourn III a Bayfield 36 out of Toronto
Mandolin a Bayfield 36 wandering the ICW.

Another Beautiful Bayfield 36

A Bayfield 36 in Europe, this picture from England

Stonecutter2 another Bayfield 36 out of the Toronto area


Blind Faith,  Bayfield 40
Stories and pictures about wandering Bayfield 40s, Lucky Owners
Silver Lining's Story.
Shenandoah's Story.